Dance Styles

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Semi-Classical dance has its origins in the combination of Indian classical and folk dance. It features extensive body movements while maintaining grace with expressions and speed. The steps are not as complex or intricate as pure Classical dance. The stylized structures of Classical dance are broken but the essence remains present.


Bollywood dance is used in Indian (Hindi) films. The earlier dances in films were heavily influenced by forms like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Folk styles from different parts of India. Since the 1980’s Bollywood dance has been dominated by Western styles. Today, Bollywood is considered a fusion of various dance styles including Classical Indian and Western dance forms like Jazz and Hip-Hop. The movements incorporate the head, neck, and body as well as mudras and footwork. Mudras coupled with full body movements gives a rounded feel to the dance form.


BollyHop blends Hip-Hop and Bollywood dancing. It contains elements from both dance forms and is choreography-based rather than a specific style. A variety of Hip-Hop techniques can be used in BollyHop and it’s widely used in Bollywood (Hindi) film songs.


Every state in India has a unique folk dance as a part of its culture. People perform the dances to express joy during the arrival of seasons, the birth of a child, weddings, and festivals. Each folk dance has a specific costume and rhythm. Dancers are usually seen singing themselves alongside artists with instruments. Bhangra is from Punjab, Garba is from Gujarat, Ghoomar is from Rajasthan, and Lavani is from Maharashtra.


The Indo-Contemporary dance form is a combination of modern-day western and ancient Indian techniques. Borrowing from Yoga and Kathak, this dance style offers rich content. Yoga, breathing patterns and Mudras (hand gestures) are a crucial part of the learning process, which also lend a symbolic meaning to the physical movement in this dance form.


Lyrical dance is a dance style that embodies various aspects of modern and classical dance forms. It’s associated with emotional moods, choreography, and illustration of song lyrics. It’s usually performed by groups in dance competitions, stage shows and films.


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