All About Your Child’s First Dance Class – What To Expect

Your child’s first dance class is a HUGE deal! For some it may be the first time they are staying away from their parents. Students can feel both excited and nervous together, but it’s important to remember that this is all perfectly normal.

We all have expectations about how that first dance class should run. At Dance Expression, we strive to ensure that your child’s first dance experience is pleasant, positive and exceeds your expectations. We realize what a special milestone this may be for you and your family.

We’ve put together some tips on how to prepare for your child’s first (few) dance classes and what to expect. We hope these will help you and your dancer feel confident on their first BIG day!

How To Prepare

Read through our Welcome email and enrollment package. Ensure your child has the correct t-shirt and black tights/pants size in advance. Dancers that have the correct clothing and shoes from day one will feel more comfortable. For our dance style, no shoes are also acceptable.

Pump your dancer up! Talk about dance, what is going to happen, and what they are going to wear. Let them know they are going to take a dance class where they are going to learn, make new friends and have fun. Remind them to be a good listener and that you are proud of them!

Bring a fed, happy and well-rested child to class. No one performs their best when they are hungry or tired. Make sure to consider nap times and bedtimes when choosing a class.

Arrive a few minutes early, not more than 5-10! Give your child enough time to change their shoes, hang their jacket, settle-in and get excited for class. If your child is hesitant to leave you don’t worry, it’s normal, and we will be there to help! Feel free to offer lots of cuddles and encourage your child to bring their comfort toy.

Drop and Go

When dancers are dropped off at the door with their teacher, they quickly learn the skills of navigating a new environment by themselves, the routine of where I put my shoes, how do I enter the classroom, preparing for class, and then the excitement of getting ready to go home and see mom/dad again. The child’s development in these areas progresses much quicker with this system. We’re always here to support!

It’s also a bonus to see our dancers bond and develop meaningful relationships with their instructor and other classmates through this process. Some of the most precious moments in the studio are when our students tell us something special about their day or week as they are getting their shoes on! This builds lasting friendships.

If you’re nervous, be sure to bring your child in for a trial class and we will do everything to ensure you leave feeling happy and confident with the process.

Why can’t I watch the class?

The truth be told, our students focus best on learning when it’s just them and a teacher in the room. An instructor with no parent watchers gets more done in class, creates better responses, and builds trust faster than a class with parents observing. Rest assured – our classes are super safe and fun, and the kids are engaged at every moment. Your child gains confidence and self-esteem while learning how to take turns, listen to their teacher and follow instructions. We encourage all aspects of learning – cooperation and socialization!

For your children, their parent is their focus point. If you’re just across the room, they can’t separate and neither can they learn. For them to concentrate on learning steps, or following a leader or moving to the music, they need to focus. They are likely to watch you and your expressions. Some also are more emotional with their parents watching, which can be a challenge for everyone. Don’t forget the other kids in the class either.

Relax and leave your dancer to have fun and learn with us. We are dedicated to their safety and quality dance experience!

At the end of class, students will be dismissed back to their parents. Instructors will often give dancers a sticker to reward them for their fantastic work and effort. If you don’t want your dancer receiving any treats or if you have any allergies, please advise the teachers. Encourage your children to practice at home and share what they learned in class. Let them know how proud you are of them!

We welcome you into our studio family and can’t wait to grow and share with you.



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