Yay – it’s showcase season! And we’re so thrilled to bring our Summer Showcase in the format of a Bollywood love story – Love Aaj Kal: A Modern Love Story. It took months of preparation from writing, conceptualizing to executing the storyline. The organized chaos, the growth of students, studio family love, costume changes and watching my vision come to life are just some of the precious reasons for hosting a showcase. We could not have done it without our studio family, instructors, volunteers, and esteemed sponsors. Check out what these amazing businesses are up to!

When our students perform in a showcase in front of their family, friends and teachers, it’s extremely entertaining for the audience. However, the benefits for the performers outweigh those of the audience. Here are some of the benefits:

Having Something to Work Toward

The idea of performing in a showcase can be very exciting. It comes with a sense of urgency and nervousness since there is a deadline associated with it. Knowing that you have a showcase to look forward to encourages you to practice more often. You will also begin to absorb information more than ever before. Once showcases become routine, you are likely to keep working just as hard after it because you’ve enjoyed the rewards of your efforts.

Gaining Performance Experience

Performing on a stage from a young age can be a valuable experience. Of course, it’s not easy to perform in front of a live audience and you will need a lot of practice, but as you do it often it becomes easier. You learn how to cover your mistakes and smile at the audience. By the time you know it, you will have live shows under your belt.

Getting Inspired by Advanced Performers

It’s common to put beginner students closer to the beginning and the more experienced toward the end of the show. This way the beginner students get to watch the advanced ones. As a beginner, you see a great dancer and realize that you are capable of dancing like that too. All it takes is more time, practice and energy. You will leave feeling inspired after watching senior dancers. With time, your motivation will increase even as your performance skills improve. This inspirational energy can also be seen during rehearsals. It’s beautiful to watch!

Gaining a Sense of Great Pride

This is perhaps the most important benefit you will get out of showcases! The magical moment when everyone in the audience is clapping and smiling at you. It makes you feel great about the hard work you put in. Like most students, you will feel special, accomplished, and appreciated for all of your hard work. When you enjoy this pride at a young age, you become fearless and ready to take on more challenges. 

 At Dance Expression, we reward all of our students at the end of every showcase. The smiles we see on each student’s face makes the instructors feel proud about their work. It reminds them of the reason they do their job and makes them want to continue to watch their students grow.